For all of the Filipinos in the United Arab Emirates, Airlink International UAE launched its own balikbayan box cargo transportation service: Airlink Kabayan Cargo, transporting smile in in a box! With its decades of expertise in logistics and freight forwarding, Airlink Kabayan Cargo’s air and sea cargo services are ensured to be of the highest standard when it comes to shipment handling from receiving the customers’ packages in the UAE until its transport to anywhere in the Philippines, even at offshore locations.

Airlink Kabayan Cargo also ensures customers are valued! Launching its membership rewards program filled with freebies, gifts, and the opportunity to send free boxes to the Philippines, Airlink Kabayan Cargo knows that Kabayans’ hard work deserves big rewards!


With free empty box delivery and collection all over the UAE, Airlink Kabayan Cargo offers sea and air modes of cargo transportation for multiple sizes of balikbayan boxes, even odd-sized ones! Depending on needs and requirements, Airlink Kabayan Cargo is ready to assist customers from quotations to estimates.


Airlink Kabayan Cargo now offers wooden box options for fragile items such as furniture, ceramic wares, and electronic appliances—especially flat TVs. Providing ease to customers when it comes to the packaging of fragile items, our professional team will also handle the dismantling and repacking of the item to be shipped to ensure proper fit and security

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